I bring the music.

So, remember that time the universe was all, “Hey Kate, what do you like to see in TV shows?”

And I was like, “Well. High schools. Musical numbers. Floppy-haired Spanish teachers. One part earnestness to one part irony. Show choirs. Secret love. Reasonably entertaining secondary characters. Nerdy girls and popular guys who are thrust together by circumstance–” (at this point the universe cut me off with its derisive laughing and was like “Oh REALLY, that’s what you like?”) “–people following their dreams, that cute guy I saw on Broadway in Footloose back in the day, athletes who really want to perform, desperate yearning, and Chuck Taylors with rolled up jeans. Also, montages of people making important life decisions set to a showtuney version of “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

And the universe was like, “You know what? DONE.”

You guys. Glee. Glee Glee Glee. Delighted my effing face off.

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