long cold lonely

In January Tom broke his elbow and needed surgery so we spent the first three months of 2013 getting to the end of television, holed up on the couch in the new apartment watching every remotely arty drama we could get in our eyeballs and a lot of other crap besides. I made a lot of pesto. We ate a lot of soup. Mad Men finally grew on me but I only liked the parts of Dexter with the creepy incest, which is typical; Homeland was kind of annoying and Shameless continues to be my very fave. A mid-February weekend in Florida notwithstanding, my skin has the color and mostly the feel of loose-leaf paper. I open the windows even when it’s freezing, just to feel the air.

It’s been weird around here. We were supposed to buy a house and then we didn’t. We moved anyway, to a place I don’t love and that still doesn’t feel like home. My parents are finally living apart which wrenched me way more than it ought to have at this point on account of I am a Grown Ass Woman, and meanwhile we are planning an October wedding and the writing stuff is better than it’s ever, ever been. The theme of this past fall and winter has been High Highs And Low Lows, basically, and I am ready for things to even out. It’s coming though, I can feel it coming. There are buds on the trees outside.

4 thoughts on “long cold lonely

  1. So… this is my story, too. Not in the way that I’m the exact same as you, but my life lately has been High Highs and Low Lows. My mom and stepdad got divorced, and I’m trying to but not necessarily dealing with it. And I’m a Grown Ass Woman as well. So. That’s one of many things. I hope things even out for you.

    I like when you write here. Come back again, ok?

  2. I agree with Ashley. I like it when you write here. I’m sorry there have been lows but hooray for writing and weddings!

    Isn’t it crazy how our parents still can tear us apart, even when we’re grownups and shouldn’t care any more? Mine separated when I was a senior in high school and it STILL took me a good four years to be okay with it.

  3. 1) Pesto is delicious
    2) Don’t forget what I said about NYU…I could make a rhyme, but I shall refrain (I could also make a similar rhyme for BU)
    3) I bought a neat camo hat in NOLA. Just think you’ll like it, that’s all.
    4) It IS getting warmer and this summer WILL be movie quality wonderful like a mixture of Now & Then and Oklahoma
    5) I miss you so much I may send Ace as a carrier pigeon to your house carrying tickets to Florida for next weekend
    6) Do you really have a Tumblr account?

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