and spring became the summer

The Keurig. Eleanor & Park. Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix Instant. Bean Boots. Madame Clairvoyant. One delicious suntan. Flight Behavior. That rumor about the Joe Jonas sex tape. A top-secret project, or three. My Mad Fat Diary. A very, very limited amount of DIY. Mumford & Sons. Super-dark Ann Taylor modern skinny jeans. My friend Lisa. Holding hands. Baby spinach and almonds. Songza. Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Three identical Gap cardigans. Grad school. A satisfying ache. Dinner with Sierra and my sister at the Meatball Shop. The USPS. Ginger molasses cookies from Flour. Fort Lauderdale and Cleveland and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. George Strait (no, really) and the Zac Brown Band. The Fourteenery. You.


(It’s a new week and the world is full of good things. Come tell me yours.)

3 thoughts on “and spring became the summer

  1. Vanilla almond milk juice boxes. Walking through Capitol Hill and daydreaming about house-buying. Spotify. Sea salt caramels from Chopt. Popcorn. Biking home in the sun. Biking everywhere: Cat GIFs. Boyfriend puns. TV shows that include puns. Game of Thrones on HBO, which has no puns but lots of bad-ass women. Rainy morning video games. That chambray shirt I’d like to wear every day. Sending packages. Finding new places to explore. The mountains of tulips in the park behind the Federal Reserve. Charlotte and Rehoboth and Milwaukee and Italy next year and Vermont (always Vermont).

    …thank you. I needed these lists. <3

  2. You blogging again. Green everywhere. Giants baseball. Peppers in the ground and oregano going nuts. Steve grilling while I drink wine. Chicago memories (still thinking of the tacos from Rubi’s truck at Maxwell Street Market). Farmer’s Market. The idea of a mini library in my front yard (it’s a thing). Smart clients. A new camera. Coffee. More coffee. Stopping at the wildlife basin on the way home from work. The cute guy at the gym front desk (yes, I know he’s 30 years younger, he’s still cute). Postcards. A pile of leftover newspapers. Did I mention coffee? Shorts and long sleeved t shirts. Cheese.

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