five good things 2: the return of five good things

For those of you who are newer to this space (so like everybody except my mom probably): five good things was a Friday tradition on this blog back in the very beginning, and before that it was a whenever-you-feel-like-you-need-it tradition in my college dorm room. I am so happy to be bringing it back.

1. The heat in the apartment is broken and it is effing frigid which is not strictly, in itself, a good thing, but until the plumber makes his (or her) much-anticipated appearance I am dragging my blanket and hot water bottle from room to room, making sausage and kale soup and drinking coffee by the gallon just to have something to warm to wrap my hands around. It’s teaching me a lesson, I think. I am not yet sure what this lesson might be.

2. Everything about Selma, which is gorgeous and gutting, and everything about this brilliant episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour where they talk all about it.

3. My dear friend Christa’s Bleed Like Me has entered its so-well-deserved second printing. She calls it YA Sid and Nancy. I call it just leave me here on the floor.

4. Jamie Oliver’s chicken in milk, which Megan made for book club in like 2009 in a move so fancy and sophisticated I thought she was a wizard. Am going to attempt it on my own this weekend, now that I finally have a pot big enough to fit a whole bird like an adult.

5. Speaking of this weekend, my friend Marissa and her unborn child what even are making their way to me at this very moment. I’m going to feed them barbecue at Rosebud Diner and take them to the fancy mall and give them lots of hugs like God intended, and I cannot wait.

And a bonus, so-glad-to-see-you-again number six: this is pretty cool.

See you Tuesday. It’s giveaway time.