Cover Reveal: TOP TEN

Oh hey oh hi, TOP TEN has a cover and it is everything I have ever wanted and more!



I’ve talked about this book a bit on social media, but haven’t mentioned it here, SO HERE GOES:

TOP TEN is about two unlikely best friends: Gabby (prickly, super anxious, bi) and Ryan (Mr. Popular, hockey star, dirty Hufflepuff). We meet them on the night of high school graduation when, after years of edging around it, they finally hook up–and it’s a DISASTER. From there, we rewind way back to freshman year and count down the (wait for it) top ten moments of their friendship while they try to figure out what just happened between them, and where they possibly go from here.

TOP TEN is the most personal book I have ever, ever written, and I am so unbelievably excited/vomitously scared to share it with you guys. I think you’ll like it! It is very much a Katie Cotugno book–kissing in stairwells! EMOTIONS! morally gray areas! sisters! a bowling alley! dogs!–but it’s also deeper and more serious in some ways than my other books. Mostly: I was really, really happy to be writing it. And I think that shows.

TOP TEN is out this fall, so stay tuned for ARC and preorder info! It’s gonna be a good year.