five good things

1. The luxury of this month and how it means the freedom to sit on the couch in front of Sandra Bullock movies all day if I want to, how it means getting to watch the one tomato on my tomato plant get bigger, inviting friends over to sit in my garden and my dad to come up for Father’s Day. Buying flowers cause I’ll be here to watch them bloom. Every day Tom asks me what I think about this renovation plan or that one; the other day four lamps got delivered at once. I didn’t want to clean the bathroom last night, so I’ll do it today or maybe tomorrow morning before his sister gets here. Whatever. There’s time.

2. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown which HOLY HELL I AM OBSESSED WITH, and How to Cook a Wolf which is waiting for me at the library today.

3. Lifetime’s Unreal, the pilot of which is so up my alley it’s like somebody made it just for me. Shiri Appleby was my original Reena. I pulled a picture of her out of Teen People in 2002.

4. The Copley farmer’s market, which is open for the season and will add a certain amount of happy bougie-ness to my Tuesdays and Fridays all summer long. The other day I forgot to check my change and accidentally paid $12 for a dozen eggs, and I didn’t even care. I mean okay, I cared a little. I will probably go to the other egg place from now on.

5. I am so close to finishing this book I can taste it, you guys. By Monday for sure.