five good things

1. On Sunday I tweeted that all I wanted to do was go to New York this summer and see my sister, and by Wednesday that trip was booked and I get to see a bunch of my other best beloveds and stay at the Ace besides. Manifesting! Wine on patios! The pungent stink of Manhattan in the summertime! Yeah!

2. Allen Salkin’s history of the Food Network FROM SCRATCH, which clearly I was always going to be obsessed with. Obviously I read the feud-y stuff first.

3. My house has new siding and appliances are coming and we met all our neighbors this week. Next up is the first floor bathroom, literally every last speck of which I am stealing from the HouseTweaking blog like a huge creep. I bought wallpaper! This is fun.

4. The “Summer Hits of the 2000s” Pandora station, can’t stop won’t stop.

5. GUESS WHAT, there is a super cool summer series starting here on this very blog next Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Happy weekend, peaches. Be good.