five good things

I will level with you: this week was kind of just shit! It was a sit at my desk and cry at the news week, it was an I had to get shots and they gave me a fever week, it was a hey I have a ton to do and none of it seems to be happening week. But the whole point of five good things is not to do it when it’s easy. It’s to do it when it’s hard. So here goes!

1. Every year there is a day in the summer when I get off the subway at my stop and the whole entire neighborhood smells like the ocean. It’s the best day.

2. My immunologist, who looked and spoke like the Count from Sesame Street and wore yellow striped glasses and paused halfway through my travel vaccines to tend somebody who’d been bitten by a bat so that they would not turn into a vampire.

3. My husband, who re-insulated our whole house this week and then ripped off our ugly heavy screen door for me as a surprise so that I won’t sklonk myself in the ankles with it every morning and night anymore.

4. The girl on the T this morning who was carrying the tiniest, tidiest, most adorable dark brown cross-body leather purse, and how I thought for a moment, I should get a purse like that, and then I laughed to myself and continued humping it up the stairs dragging my ginormous Mary Poppins bag with four library books and a slice of toast inside it.

5. I had a steamy dream about Mark Ruffalo last night. I don’t even like Mark Ruffalo that much! BUT I DO NOW.

Happy weekend, loves of mine. Go pet a dog or snuggle a baby or eat something really, really good.