five good things

1. It took a full week for my jet lag to wear off but now it has and I once again feel like a human capable of rational thought and possibly even a day without crying! Go ahead, ask me to do math or something. Just kidding I still can’t do math.

2. The last 50 pages of Order of the Phoenix, which really just broke my fucking heart in a way I was not expecting these books to do at all.

3. On Wednesday my husband made me a bowl of chocolate ice cream with Double Stuf Oreos crushed up in it like he worked at Cold Stone Creamery or something. It was amazing. We’ve been together thirteen years this week. I wanted to do something for him that he’d appreciate so I cleaned all the rotted produce out of the fridge and bought a bunch of roast beef.

4. We might get a dog in the next couple of weeks. I don’t know. I’m thinking about it. Thinking about it is part of the joy.

5. Am headed to New York at this very moment for Sierra’s 30th AKA a 48 hour cake and white wine and fun bender, let’s be real.