five good things

1. I finished Deathly Hallows last night. I have a lot of things to say about this project, and these stories, and how something about reading them reminded me so much of like, being 12 and lost in book all summer long, but mostly I just really liked them and am really happy I did it, the end, all was well.

2. Beyond the Lights, which I finally watched last weekend and which was so smart and sexy and wonderful and unexpected. I just really appreciate it when romances don’t talk down to people who like romances. I also appreciate movies with hot cops.

3. After living here for 12 years I have done two new-to-me Boston things this summer, Revere Beach and the Arnold Arboretum, both of which were lovely and also good reminders to like, use a different T line every once in awhile. Who knows what I’ll do next? Maybe the Freedom Trail! Just kidding I would never do the Freedom Trail in the summer, I’m not a fucking tourist.

4. Margaret H. Willison’s beautiful, devastating essay about losing her dad, which destroyed me and also made me smile like only the best writing can.

5. Summer vacations! This blog is going mostly quiet for the month of August while I finish a revision and eat ice cream and brainstorm some rockin’ new content for the fall. The exception to this rule is 5 Good Things, which will continue comin’ atcha every Friday because I do what I want.

Happy weekend, yous. xoxo