five good things

1. I wanted to do August on purpose as much as I possibly could and I feel good about how it happened, trips to New York and wine tastings and playing with a baby and sitting on the beach and in front of a fire. I ate grilled corn and got a lot of mosquito bites and left work early to go drink summer beer. It’s cooler in the mornings now, and I feel like that’s okay, like I’m ready. There’s a flip flop tan on my feet.

2. Outlander, which I thought for some reason was not my bag and which I wound up LIKING SO MUCH OH MY GOD, I just ordered the second one from the library and cannot get it in my eyeballs soon enough. I have so many thoughts about this book! Mostly I have so many thoughts about Jamie Fraser! The lesson of reading this summer is that I actually like a lot of things I thought I didn’t. That’s a good lesson to learn.

3. Handing in a revision and turning my attention to something new, that moment when everything is possible. I just want to read and listen to music and make things up.

4. Show Me a Hero, on which I am behind but that guy is really handsome and the writing is really smart, and also I just like listening to all of them say Yonkers over and over because I am a dirty Westchester kid in my heart.

5. I leave for Europe next Wednesday! What!

Happy Friday. Happy end of summer. Happy everything.