five good things

1. Yesterday on twitter I was complaining about how I missed Serial and BOOM, two hours later the universe dropped Limetown in my lap. There are only two episodes so far, but HOLY MOSES they are weird and chilling and great. Manifesting works, the Secret is real, put your needs out into the universe, etc etc.

2. House things: a jewel of a downstairs bathroom that is juuust about finished, the end of the tomato plants, wooden blinds and a plan to host Thanksgiving, assuming I have chairs by then. I have my eye on a bar for the living room. Come over and I’ll fix you a drink.

3. Mr. Robot, which I just started and which I am really liking so far, even if I do find that kid kind of alarming to look at.

4. I think I’ve talked about this before, but over the last year or so Boston’s South Station has made a real effort to be an actual functioning train station in an actual major city instead of a steaming pile of pee-smelling garbage with an Au Bon Pain in the middle of it, and as somebody who is perpetually schlepping up and down the Northeast Corridor, it is a thing I really appreciate.

5. Speaking of which: am heading to New York this weekend for a combination of work and play and baby-holding. I’m going to eat ginger molasses cookies and buy fancy soaps.