five good things

OH HELLO. It’s always kind of weird to do five good things after I have been a five good things slacker for a few weeks but WHO CARES! Things are good! Five of them, even! Let’s do this.

1. The last couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting with writing things just because I want to write them. It is often scenes of kissing with tongues and it is rad.

2. Emma Straub’s The Vacationers, which I am flying through and just so charmed by. My reading theme right now is “book club books from two years ago” and I LIKE IT.

3.  My friend M is coming this weekend with her little girl which means a BABY is staying in my house. We’re going to go to the Harvard Bookstore warehouse sale and go to brunch and get a Christmas tree and have happiness.

4. House things: rearranging the office and adding a Project Table for all my Projects, finishing up the guest room, buying more plants.

5. In case you somehow missed me squawking about it all over social media this week, 99 DAYS is $1.99 across all ebook platforms for the rest of today! GET ON THAT.

Happy weekend, happy December. God bless us, everyone.