five good things

1. 2016 resolutions, the general; 2016 resolutions, the specific, including but certainly not limited to writing something for pure pleasure, listening to full albums by new artists, and letting myself be more of a hermit. I JUST WANT TO BE AT HOME WITH MY HUSBAND was a thing I said a lot, crankily, last year. This year I’m going to try and actually, you know, be there.

2. You Should Have Known, which is creepy and absorbing and wonderful and which I gobbled so voraciously over Christmas break that my sister at one point yelled “TELL KATIE TO STOP SECRETLY READING,” from the backseat of my dad’s car as if it was 1995 all over again.

3. I love the Adele album and I don’t care who knows it. Also, water is wet.

4. The Food Lover’s Cleanse, which I always say I’m going to try and never do, but which is chock full of really nice recipes if you, like me, are trying to mix things up a little bit in the new year. I made scallops for the first time last week! Truthfully my kitchen smelled like fish for two days afterward but it was still nice.

5. 99 DAYS is a NYT e-book bestseller. WHAT. To celebrate I am meeting a deadline and going to Mexico. No seriously. Happy weekend. I love you.