five good things

1. A really wonderful trip to Portland, snow and beers and a smoked seafood platter and a creepy salvage shop and a nap and a fireplace and a dive bar and the best pizza of possibly my whole life. I felt very lucky this week.

2. All the Light We Cannot See which is gutting me, slowly, with a fine, slender knife.

3. Shopping for spring capsule, making my March to-do list, it being light outside when I wake up.

4. I talked about When Calls the Heart a little bit here a couple of weeks ago, but clearly not enough because it is my favorite dopey show of the winter. A SCHOOLTEACHER AND A MOUNTIE, ALBERTA, 1910. She is spoiled and bad at womanly arts and also life in general! He is kind of a mansplainer, but in an oddly affable, handsomely rumpled sort of way! Will they fall in love? Eventually share a chaste, tongueless kiss? WHO CAN SAY?

5. Throwing a brunch for Tom’s birthday tomorrow, setting up a Bloody Mary bar, and making this.

HAPPY FRIDAY, there is a dog in my office and a new Quantico promo in the world, if this isn’t nice then I don’t know what is.