five good things

1.  I was all the hell over the place at the beginning of March, New York and DC and a fabulous trip to Tennessee for SE-YA in the ‘Boro where I got to hang out with a gaggle of smart, funny, wonderful readers + writers, and now I am home to relax and read library books and build a plant stand for my living room and cook a chicken and gobble House of Cards like a monster. It’s good for me to do both kinds of things.

2. Listening to audiobooks on my phone on my commute in the morning, which is a rather lovely alternative to wall-to-wall, teeth-gnashing election coverage. Now: The Raven Boys, finally. Next up: All-American Boys. After that: something about girls Jesus H. Christ enough already.

3. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to write stuff nobody would ever see, and I have been doing it, and it is amazing. Like, for the Dopamine boost alone. It probably doesn’t hurt that I am writing a lot of kissing scenes. Personally I find that never hurts.

4. The oldloves tumblr, this article about Crossroads, Ina’s new cookbook being called COOKING FOR JEFFREY are you kidding me.

5. OH HEY, I have a new book coming out! It’s called FIREWORKS and it takes place in 1997 and it’s about friendships and pop stars and broken down apartment complexes and dreaming your own damn dreams and I am so, so excited to share it with the world this coming winter. More soon.