five good things

1. Spring fever: flowers blooming on my walk to work in the morning, open windows, beach walks, birds screaming their little bird heads off, the overwhelming urge to play outside.

2. This Food52 article about no-waste cooking which I’m a little obsessed with; it reminded me a lot of An Everlasting Meal, another perennial favorite around these parts. Also, really good bread with cream cheese and homemade raspberry jam, shoved in my face while looking at tumblr.

3. Writing new stories and how it feels like having a crush, how it feels like reaching out to grab stars, how it feels like singing. Also: creativity is self-care.

4. New York next week, for adventures.

5. “Crazy is the price you pay for having an imagination. It’s your superpower.” My feelings about this book are complicated; my feelings about that line are pretty good.

Happy weekend. My friends are in town.