five good things

1. It’s spring so my winter crust is cracking off and I am crying easily and often and wearing a pair of bright blue flats everywhere I go. There’s a new patch of sunshine on my staircase every morning. Today I saw a man in a full suit carrying one of those big plastic Martha Stewart cupcake holders on the T.

2. The Dream Thieves on audiobook, which I am really just enjoying the shit out of. I can take or leave the magic but there is a slow unfolding thing happening between all these characters that I think I’m just in the exact right moony place for, I don’t even know. I  find Gansey very winning. I like the aunts.

3. All the amazing swag I am dreaming up for FIREWORKS. COME UP WITH SOME PROMOTIONAL ITEMS FOR YOUR 90’s POP STAR BOOK, DON’T MIND IF I DO. Hope you guys like glow necklaces, just saying.

4. The lid/straw combo for my giant plastic water cup that I drag around my house with me like a security blanket SUDDENLY TURNED UP yesterday after being lost for two sad, dehydrated months and I am not exaggerating when I say it was the best thing that happened all week with the possible exception of finding out that two non-famous celebrities I like might be doing a Hallmark Christmas movie together.

5. Letting go, with as much grace as possible, of things that are not meant for me.

Happy weekend. Go kiss somebody you love.