five good things

1.  Sloane Crosley’s THE CLASP, which I started last night on the T and am already gobbling: thirtysomething college friends at a wedding, SURE YES, DON’T MIND IF I DO.

2. Finally replacing my moisturizer before my entire face cracked right off my skull like a shattered mirror, Jesus H.

3. This blog by Nena Boling-Smith which is just really beautiful and open and honest about mental health in a way I am really appreciating.

4. A surprise afternoon with my sister and girlfriends, dinner with the incomparable Christa Desir, lunch with Emery Lord last weekend and how often I said, oh my gosh, Emery, me too. Me too

5. Fall coming: the occasional not-sweaty breeze, a new Tana French book in October, being almost-almost ready to share this draft and what comes after.