these days


listening to a lot of florence, especially third eye
eating a lot of cherries and peaches from a little farmer’s market near my house called costco
anticipating revisions on book number three and
kicking around some ideas for what’s next
shrugging off the half-dozen holes in my bedroom ceiling courtesy of a leaky roof
getting my 10,000 steps (most days) thanks to my fitbit and a certain amount of compulsion on my part
reading jellicoe road and really liking it so far
watching the first episode of true detective and not even tim riggins could save it, that is how stupid it was
considering risotto with pesto for dinner tonight
fighting a cold that’s gnarly enough to make this terrifying garlic concoction seem like a viable option
feeling grateful it hit this week instead of next
teaching a workshop on plot on friday morning
graduating from my mfa program on saturday
leaving on a jet plane for the philippines on monday
wishing i could pack you all up and take you along
(look for more these days posts later this summer. and check back here tomorrow for the latest in #ladiesandfandom!)