things that are really good right now, july eleventh, two thousand sixteen

the BPL renovation which I checked out this afternoon and which is beautiful, which is a palace, which is full of books and light

a double chocolate farmer’s market cookie from the booth next to the Amish egg booth

the smile on the lady at the Amish egg booth

a thousand good words down today

talking to my mom on the phone and how every day she and her best friend from when she was five call each other up and chat

sitting around a fire pit next to the ocean, drinking a beer and eating a s’more somebody else made

friends who text and say, we’re in the neighborhood, we have a sitter, come out

making coffee in the big glass measuring cup every night and sticking it in the fridge

my summer capsule which is honestly just three thumbs up emojis if I do say so myself

a free week of Blue Apron and how it’s nice to try new things

that scary new show on HBO

a trip home in two weeks that I cannot wait for

the steak tartare we ate in Portland and how it came with lots of stuff to stir in

Tom’s particular kind of stealth-funniness

a big stack of books to read

the woman who cut my bangs in three seconds in a pinch the other evening

wednesday night dates, a dinner out, a walk to get a milkshake

the hundred pages I sent off last night and who knows what’ll happen to them

texts from my dad on vacation in Florida

the garden was an absolute garbage heap eight weeks ago and now it’s actually quite lovely and the roses all bloomed

seriously considering seeing Counting Crows at the Pavilion in August

horoscopes by Madame Clairvoyant

the guys in the Amazon delivery van and how nice they’ve all been so far

tomato basil mozzarella sandwiches, a packed lunch

the playlist for this new book I am working on