things to do in boston when your book comes out in five weeks

read a bunch of john cheever for school and decide everyone in john cheever is an asshole the same way everyone on mad men is an asshole, except mad men has peggy and that other funny guy with the beard. fret. hold babies. send letters. discover a large cache of fanfiction for the art of fielding on tumblr, and feel largely unsurprised. wonder if marie will be the only person left standing at the end of breaking bad, and hope so. go to a matchbox 20 concert and smile like it’s 1996. visit a tailor. eat a lobster macmuffin at local 149. eat lobster risotto at lincoln. wonder what other foods you could eat with lobster in them before the summer is over. drink a caipirinha. drink another. buy a sweatshirt from your alma mater. house-sit in an apartment where you are allergic to the cats. wonder if john mayer’s head scarf is a sign of douchey eccentricity or actual mental illness. lie awake. visit your family. keep your head down. do your work.