cool for the summer

playing skee ball at the arcade in Westchester with my husband and brothers-in-law, hitting the jackpot and giving our tickets away to a bunch of little kids * sitting at John Dory’s with L, the bartender fixing us a drink called a troublemaker * Unreal * playing cards at a picnic table with J and S and how much I laughed that whole weekend, in a way I only ever laugh when I am with them * Outlander * that first red tomato on my tomato plant *  watching the bats swoop around the yard at J’s boyfriend P’s house* drinking wine with M in the lobby of the hotel in Manila * getting off that plane and being home * #KCreadsHP * a tour of the Harper offices with the one and only AB * the Arboretum * a hundred naps * finishing my revision * two Old Navy jumpsuits I honestly just wore the shit out of * the glass roof at the Harvard Art Museum * the Lawn on D * cuddling one BLV, my favorite baby of all the babies * drinks in NYC with CAH, who is really just the most lovely * Cheerleader, which I personally choose to read as an ode to female friendship and not whatever gross thing other people keep trying to tell me it is * finishing grad school, finally * the photo booth at Coney Island* one new bathroom in one old house * a Father’s Day visit from my dad * sitting in the yard, people coming and going, snacks on the table and drinks in the fridge * All of it, really. All of it. This summer was tops.