five good things

1. The kind of friend who will order an extremely expensive post-birthday party grilled cheese sammich from room service when there is no pizza to be found within six blocks of your hotel room, then eat it with you in bed while watching Property Brothers and reading People.

2. Midsummer and planning trips for the rest of it, pulling the first really red tomato off the plant on the deck, ordering shutters, keeping very little in the fridge.

3. I promise that soon this will stop being a Harry Potter blog, but in the meantime: HARRY POTTER IS GREAT, I’M GOING TO BE SO SAD WHEN IT’S OVER. I cried over Dumbledore even though I have a lot of mixed Dumbledore feelings. I look forward to googling “Dumbledore think piece” as part of my post-read Harry Potter internet deep dive.

4. Earlier this week I was annoyed at everyone and everything so my husband met me for beers after work and we ate nachos and he made me laugh and we walked home while it was still light out and watched some dumb show on TV and went to sleep, and I dunno, maybe that’s all marriage is, the person you can tolerate being with when the entire universe invites your pure unbridled loathing.

5. I dragged a bookshelf up a flight of stairs by myself last night. It is a miracle I did not die.

Happy weekend. I’m going to the beach.