five good things

1. In October I started getting up 15 minutes earlier and in November I’ve been getting up 15 minutes earlier than that. It makes for a slow, quiet morning and I like it.

2. My friend Court Stevens who is also the literal best person in publishing has a book out this week. It’s called The Lies About Truth and you should read it.

3. Other things you should read: this Rolling Stone interview with Adele that just made me happy in a million different ways and also taught me some new lessons about being a badass motherfucker.

4. I think I’m going to get a pair of bellbottom jeans for winter capsule. In a related story, the theme of winter capsule is I DO WHAT I WANT.

5. These turkey-shaped tealight holders from CB2 and the two Thanksgiving dinners at which they are going to appear on my table. “Your mom likes whimsical things,” I remember my dad telling me once. I like whimsical things, too.

Happy Friday, loves on mine.