five good things

1. Literally everything about the DNC this week but especially, especially Chelsea introducing her mom last night. I don’t know guys. I feel hopeful all of a sudden. I feel like a trusted adult just told me, you know what, this is not the end of the world. Which is actually what happened I guess.

2. THE NEST, which had a lot of parts in it that made me say, hm, but which nevertheless made for rather excellently entertaining travel reading this week.

3. Carmine, the baby goldfish I won at the Saint Augustine’s Italian Festival in Ossining, New York on Saturday who is, thus far, clinging to life with a fierce tenacity to which we should all frankly aspire.

4. Sitting with my sister in a Le Pain Quotidien near NYU for one precious hour on Monday, both of us talking as fast as we possibly could; this is my favorite part of my whole trip here, I told her, and I meant it.

5. A hefty, hefty list for the month of August and the reminder that I always get more accomplished in the months when there is more to be done.