five good things

1. Hamilton, obviously. I mean. Obviously.

2. Listening to Hozier’s Like Real People Do under the blood moon at Boston Calling last weekend (and also seeing real girls walking around in actual flower crowns? I DID NOT KNOW THIS WAS A THING NOT ON THE INTERNET, it was ridiculous and sublime, also I am one thousand years old. Young people! Tell me your customs!).

3. I had a big project to finish this week which meant working every night while my husband gamely brought me snacks and water and kept me company while watching a whole season of Ray Donovan (or, as I like to call it, Boston McIrish), the dopiest gangster show on TV. This show is not good, you should not watch it, but every once in awhile someone says something hilarious and awful in a terrible Southie accent (“He has Pahkinson’s, ya c*nt!”) and I was in exactly the right headspace for that to be the kind of thing I really enjoyed. Thank you, Boston McIrish!

4. This Eater profile of Ina, which is wonderful and a little deranged in tone (DARE I SAY, JUST LIKE INA HERSELF).

5. It’s decorative gourd season, motherfuckers. Am headed out of town for the weekend to pick some apples and eat some donuts and drink large quantities of Octoberfest like god intended. Happy fall.