five good things

1. Last week I thought to myself, selfI wonder what would happen if every time I was sitting at my desk and reflexively clicked over to twitter, I did NOT click over to twitter and read a few pages of a book on the Kindle Cloud Reader instead? THE ANSWER: four books in ten days and a marked decrease in anxiety and teeth-gnashing. Imagine that. I have more to say about this but for now I am just really liking it. Making different choices! Emotional health!

2. Americanah, which was hilarious and heartbreaking and so incisive and just generally perfect in its detail, plus the romance is top notch which as you know is a thing I enjoy.

3. Have I talked about Quantico here yet? Quantico! The hot guy on Quantico! The makeouts on Quantico! The intrigue on Quantico! The ladies on Quantico! Everyone please watch Quantico so it doesn’t get cancelled!

4. Boston Area folks! Corey Ann Haydu’s fabulous play OCD LOVE STORY is up at Noble & Greenough School this weekend. I cannot get over how cool I think this is. I think it is very cool.

5. IT IS HALLOWEEN which means it is time for my annual viewing of many classic films including, obviously, Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus and MOST IMPORTANTLY: Teen Witch. There is no way for me to overstate how formative this movie was for me, you guys. I, too, want to be the most popular girl.  Top that.